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We Want a Nun!

Posted 4/29/2019

This story is taken from the annals, a record of the year written by the Sisters in Youngstown.


 “In September of the last year Mother Aloysius did not return and Sister Marguerita took over the girls’ school. Because of the limited number of nuns, the pastor hired a layman for the boys' upper division. Taken by surprise at not having a nun-teacher, the boys at recess formed an  army of protest.  Elected captain was the most troublesome boy in the class, who gave orders that anyone who recited a lesson or in any way cooperated with the teacher would be subject to punishment.

When the bell rang for the end of the recess period, one can easily imagine the pandemonium. This condition prevailed for a month when the teacher withdrew and another man was hired.  The rioters next decided to get rid                                                                                                                 of the second teacher…as follows:

The following Monday, after all were in the room. the boys would lock the door, overpower the teacher, bind him with rope and let him down from the second-floor window to the pavement. (The perpetrators were foiled in their attempt by Father Mears, who begged for a nun, and Sister St. Joseph, in charge of the small boys, came to take charge of the upper class.)

It was evident on the following Monday morning that a very definite plan for entering the room was in progress.  One who observed the procedure reported seeing boys being pushed into the room gradually by the leaders, but when they found a nun, did not do the mischief prescribed. The leaders continued their performance to the last with greater zest each time until they themselves entered to find all their companions sitting in silence.

At this point, Sister St. Joseph addressed them, asking how many were ready to study and behave as they did for Sister Marguerita the previous year. In an instant every boy was standing to signal his assent. Sister said, “Well. then begin!”   There was no more discontent - the boys had a nun.”



The material quoted here is taken from A Tree in the Valley by Sr. Lelia Mahoney.