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November Reflection - Time of Transition

Posted 10/28/2018

November – falling leaves; chilly air; harvest time; pumpkins, longer nights; Thanksgiving.

Signs of change and transformation. The life cycle continues.

The call is to let go and surrender our beautiful leaves in order to cover the ground to prepare it for a new springtime.

The call is to wait for the right time to emerge into something even more beautiful.

The call is to adapt and adjust to the surroundings, to be flexible and vulnerable.

Autumn days provide the opportunity to prepare ourselves for the Advent days of December – awaiting the Savior.

Change is inevitable; sometimes easy, sometimes not. Transition demands time. Transformation requires faith and hope. The invitation is extended and a response is expected.

Giving thanks for these gifts of change, transition and transformation during this autumn season, can bring one closer to a spirit of gratitude. Gifts come in strange packages sometimes.

This Thanksgiving let us thank God not only for the obvious gifts in our lives, but for those that make us uncomfortable and strengthen our souls. These, too, may be the best gifts God intends for us.