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Jubilees - a Time to Celebrate God's Call

Posted 8/31/2021

Ursuline Sisters reflect on what it means to them to celebrate anniversaries of entering the vowed life.


Sister Margaret Anne Carstensen
70 Year Jubilarian

In my years of ministry I have been extremely blessed. Besides teaching, I have promoted “Devotion to the Sacred Heart,” had a wonderful dance ministry with liturgical dancers, done “Sacred Dance” programs in rest homes with both children and adults, and taught “Line Dancing” in four places. My Bible Group is still gathering after 40 years. Being Sacristan at the Ursuline Center was an honor. My Community and family have always backed me up in all these wonderful ministries that God worked through me. Indeed, I have been blessed.

My ministry is definitely moving forward. Now, at Rosary Care, I have a brand new program called “Spiritual Music with Gestures,” or in other words, “Chair Dancing.” There are also many opportunities to visit and interact with residents and staff.




Sister Mary Ellen Nagle
70 Year Jubilarian

I am happy to be an Ursuline and am currently studying our foundress, St. Angela Merici, by reading two volumes on her history. I am grateful to my community and happy to have been a teacher, carrying out the work of Angela. I look forward to continued relationships with the Associates.





Sister Pat Grosse
65 Year Jubilarian

Of the many blessings of the past I like to recall how I came to Mary Manse College mainly to study music. Halfway through I decided I could teach mainly piano without finishing college. A little noise told me I was going to finish and not only finish college, but also become a part of this place. The Lord had plans for me and I am very grateful, especially for this turning point in my life. Now I know the Lord will continue to plan every part of my life to the very end and I need to trust He knows what He is doing even if I don’t.

All my life has been part of His plan. In the course of many years, teaching was uppermost – classroom teaching or piano teaching. When time for a change came I helped out at the Ursuline Center in various ways. This included feeding birds for many years, getting involved in reflexology and Reiki, both which were beneficial for many people.

Life keeps changing and so must we. The Lord knew I what I needed. Everyone needs variety in their life. It is good to think of so many good people who have influenced me and cared about me and also many who continue to care and love. Life continues in communion of saints.

Sister Claudia Holtz
65 Year Jubilarian

As I reflect on the past 65 years as an Ursuline Sister I am awestruck at God’s calling me to various types of ministry and giving me the graces to grow and serve in so many ways. Each calling opened my eyes to the beauty and the struggles in peoples’ lives. It was a sacred honor to accompany many people through good times as well as through many troubling circumstances.

I believe it was my years as a hospital Chaplain that really opened my eyes and my heart to people of many different faiths and beliefs who welcomed prayer and comfort, sometimes reassurance, as they prepared for their final journey. Even those who claimed no spiritual grounding often seemed to be open to reassurance when death seemed imminent.

I thank God for calling me to be an Ursuline, and I thank all my Ursuline Sisters, past and present, for loving and supporting me through 65 years of blessing and grace. I am confident that the love of God, my Ursuline Sisters and my family will accompany me to the end of my earthly journey and into our Eternal Home.


Sister Ann Marie McManus
65 Year Jubilarian

As I reflect on my 65 years of religious life, I cannot express enough my gratitude for the marvelous experiences I have had. First, teaching has been my primary ministry. I’ve also had many other opportunities, such as working at WGTV-TV Channel 30 as a technical specialist where I gave workshops in schools and wrote curriculum and handbooks for using television effectively in the classroom. I’ve been a tour guide at the U.S. Capitol, and gave workshops to senior citizens and kids on bike safety through the Toledo/Lucas County Safety Council. My last hurrah was working at Maria Child Care which I loved dearly.

I have worked with Notre Dame and Franciscan Sisters, and now I live with them at Rosary Care. As my last move to Rosary Care, I have been missioned to follow in St. Angela’s footsteps, giving love, compassion and support to all of the sisters, priests and residents who live here.



Sister Rita Mae Johns
60 Year Jubilarian

God has blessed me with a love of teaching and a talent for doing so. I enjoyed this ministry for 49 years. My greatest joy was teaching Religion and preparing my students to receive the Sacraments.

I have retired from teaching but not from ministry. God has blessed me with good health so that I can continue my service. Therefore, I’m doing volunteer work at my parish and at area nursing homes. I experience God’s presence in my life, in my service, in unique ways now.



Sister Maria Goretti Van Ausdale
60 Year Jubilarian

How does one ever begin to reflect on how one has been blessed in one’s years of ministry? The blessings, like the stars in the sky, are too many to count. The greatest blessing and the one I cherish the most is God’s faithfulness to me. His ever presence, love, guidance, and assistance have continued to bless me over and over again and helped me to be who I am and helped me to do the things that I have done. God truly has done wondrous things for me! His faithfulness is everlasting! I am ever grateful and filled with awe.

Every morning I ask God to show me what He wants me to do this day – (His will be done!) and I ask for the help in doing it for His honor and glory. In keeping my heart, eyes and ears open, I am shown many ways to help others. He helps me not to be afraid but to follow my heart in being open and available for any work of charity and mercy that presents itself to me. Blessings given to others reap many blessings to the giver. I have found this to be true and rewarding.