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Central Catholic High School

Posted 8/26/2020

Central Catholic High School was the dream of Bishop Schrembs


Cathedral High absorbed the classes from St. Francis de Sales parish school. Cathedral School constituted the nucleus of what is now Central Catholic High School. The faculty was a mixture of priests, Ursulines, lay men and women.

When in 1917 enrollment reached 200, making the existing facilities inadequate, the Bishop purchased from the University of Toledo the old medical building at the corner of Cherry and Page streets, which provided twelve classrooms.

In 1920 the new quarters found 370 students enrolled. Monsignor Macelwane enlarged the faculty to include two Sisters of Notre Dame, one Sylvania Franciscan, one Sister of Mercy and Ursuline Sisters Catherine, Genevieve, Aquinas, Patricia, Mercedes, Dominic and Edith. In addition a number of parish priests from various parishes joined the faculty as instructors in religion.

Under its legal title, Central Catholic High Schools graduated its first class of seven girls and fourteen boys in 1926. With the impetus given it by Bishop Schrembs, the high school in 1929, under the leadership of Bishop Stritch, entered its present structure on Cherry Street, made possible by a citywide spirited fund-raising campaign.



The material quoted here is taken from A Tree in the Valley by Sr. Lelia Mahoney.