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In 1854 five Ursuline Sisters arrived in Toledo, OH from Cleveland at the request of Bishop Amadeus Rappe. Located on the corner of Cherry and Erie Streets, three small frame buildings served as the site of the first Ursuline Convent and St. Ursula Academy. Four days after their arrival on December 12, the Sisters opened their doors to 200 children of all ages and grade levels. In coming to Toledo the Ursulines found nothing that resembled an organized Catholic school system and discovered a somewhat fragmented public school system. Under the direction and guidance of the Ursuline Sisters, schools were founded and were soon to bring public recognition of a well-organized parochial school system. That was the beginning.

In 1878, Bishop Gilmour requested the Toledo Ursulines to join with five Cleveland Ursulines at a new foundation in Youngstown, OH. In 1884, Mother Amadeus Dunne, at the request of Bishop Brondel in Montana, headed west with five Sisters to educate various tribes of Native Americans. She labored for a number of years in the West and then moved on to establish Alaskan mission schools. She never returned to Toledo and was buried at St. Ignatius in Montana. Meanwhile in Toledo, the Ursulines responded to the need for teachers in various parish schools in the diocese. There was also need for residential expansion at the Cherry and Erie Street campus. The location was far from ideal for a large residential and day school for girls. Property was purchased on Collingwood Boulevard and the building was ready for occupancy in 1905. In 1922, Bishop Stritch asked the Ursulines to found a diocesan liberal arts college for women, Mary Manse College.

As consecrated women religious the Sisters today continue to unfold the spirit and vision of St. Angela Merici for the 21st Century. Sisters are involved in education, parish and hospital ministry, home healthcare, and working closely with the laity in a variety of expressions of the mind and heart of St. Angela.

The Sisters moved into the Ursuline Center on Indian Road in 1985 and presently the Center is a Medicare-Medicaid licensed nursing facility that welcomes vowed religious men and women, priests,  Associates and immediate family members of the Sisters.