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Ursulines Arrive December 12, 1854

Posted 11/28/2017

“Four years after their arrival, the Cleveland nuns sent five of their number to establish a house and make another attempt to bring Catholic education to the people of Toledo.

Certainly the spotlight of the world press was ;not on these pioneer missionaries: Mother des Seraphims Young, superior; Sister Stanislaus Cahill, Sister Theresa Foley, Sister Francis Xavier Dietz, and Sister Clare Rogers, who arrived in Toledo, December 12, 1954, the day on which news reached America that the Sovereign Pontiff, Pius IX, defined the dogma of the Immaculate Conception.

Father Augustine Campion, pastor of St. Francis de Sales parish, and Father Charles Evrard, pastor of St. Mary’s parish, met the contingent at the depot. Upon their arrival, Mother des Seraphims’ first thought was to thank God in His tabernacle for their safety, but because of the heavy rains and defective draining the French chapel could be more easily forded by boat than on foot. The Annals relate with mixed humor and pathos the ‘stepping stones to heaven, the sticks and stones that paved the way to the old French chapel, when a boat, or the wings of a dove, would have been welcome after the heavy rains.’”  (The above quote was taken from The Tree in the Valley written by Sister Lelia Mahoney, OSU)

On Sunday, December 10, the Ursuline Sisters, Associates and friends will celebrate this foundation day with liturgy at 11:00 a.m. followed by dinner.