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Springtime Inspires Poetry

Posted 3/25/2018

When spring arrives, no matter what year, many are inspired to reflect on the season and turn to writing.  

Ingredients of Spring
(Sister Teresita Manner, OSU)

I saw a crocus nestled in the palm of spring.

I heard a cheery robin gaily psaltering
The praises of His God.

The birdhouse in our cherry tree
Hums now with song activity.
It seems the bluebirds will have company.
Maples yawning in the sun,

Knowing winter’s worst is done
Flick their winged seeds to the lawn.
Pussy Willow’s furry purr
And forsythia’s yellow blur
Color up a passing breeze.

So I gaze contentedly,
Deep with God in reverie
In this springtime of the soul!

Spring Tease
Sister Mary Rose Krupp, OSU

Wistful spring winks
As she flirts with us
And nods under gray skies
An impatient lady
Yet too dignified
To thrust winter aside.

Spring teases us –
Not a perfect lady,
She’s capricious
Doles out sunshine
And storms to cleanse
With Nature’s scouring brush.

No, she is not a shrew
This playful daughter
Of Nature who loves
The greening of grass,
Buds, leaves, trees.
Let her not be tamed.


Sister Regina Smith, OSU

In every season…

In the death of winter,
In the Resurrection of spring,
In the growth of summer,
In the harvest of autumn.


In every day…

In the beauty of dawn,
In the pause of noon,
In the fatigue of evening,
In the quiet of night.


In every way…

In the peace of the Spirit
In the kindness of the aged
In the smile of a child
In the love of a friend.