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Seeds – Planted – Rooted - Cultivated

Posted 4/29/2018

The month of May is a beautiful time of year.  

  I can imagine St. Angela walking through the fields behind her house, noticing the vines and blossoms of soon-to-be fruits and vegetables, blossoming. How excited she must have felt to know that the hard work, time and energy expended were finally paying off for her family. As a child Angela lived in the country, worked outdoors; as an adult she reflected some aspects of her experiences in her writings.

Although St. Angela does not speak much of creation or the earth, there are references made to springtime and nature. She uses words like "seeds of this kind to sprout" (10th Legacy), "this Rule has been planted" (Last Legacy), "thorny, steep and stony paths will become flowery" (Rule, Ch. 1), "being rooted…" (1st Legacy), and "cultivate this vine" (8th Counsel).

Harmony in nature is a beautiful dance that takes place among the vegetation, the animals, the trees, the rain, the dryness, the darkness and the light. Harmony extends beyond nature and reaches out to us to be in right relationship with all of God's creation.