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Lenten Reflection

Posted 2/28/2018

We are called to be faithful to the invitation of God during these 40 days.


 “Discipline is the human effort to create the space in which God can be generous and give you what you need.” (Henri J. Nouwen, From Fear to Love, Lenten Reflections) We are caught between what is and what will be. Nouwen suggests that practicing discipline will help us be more in touch with the now of Lent and prepare our souls for the joy of Easter.

We need to create that space where God can find us, where God knows our address and we ar ready to welcome God into our lives. God will bring whatever gift it is we most need if only we open the door to our hearts.

The hope of new life is close; make space for God and listen to God’s voice as you are being called to love and be loved. Do not give up on Lent and God will not give up on you.