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The Flame of Charity

Posted 5/20/2018

“let us keep the flame of charity burning in our hearts…
St. Angela – Ch. 10 - Rule  

 “Everyday God, O Jesus, O Spirit, Come be with us.” How very important it is to be aware of the many ways God is revealed in our everyday lives. As the words of the song “Everyday God” say: “In our dreaming, in our daring, in our searching, in our sharing. In our resting, in our rising, in our hoping, in our waiting,” we find God.

God’s presence often goes unnoticed because we are looking for God somewhere else – in something grand or unusual, in something that stands out or is more noteworthy. Yet God only asks us to look across the table, across the room, around the corner or the next room.

The feast of the Sacred Heart is celebrated this month, and we are called to be at the very heart of life as Jesus was and still is. Jesus gave his all for us out of deep love. What can we give in return?

A statue of St. Angela stands in the heart of the marketplace in Desenzano. Her life personifies for us how essential it is for us to take each day as a gift, see God in that gift and somehow give it away. The Sacred Heart of Jesus is the core of life for us. Angela knew this and she found the “Everyday God in the life around her.