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December Reflection

Posted 11/28/2017

November is a time to give thanks, a time to reflect on the changes of the seasons, a time to allow the brightness of summer days to lighten the darkness of autumn days. 

Prepare the Way

Around the world Christians are beginning to set the stage for the birth of a new born baby boy, Jesus.  Each country and culture has its own unique traditions in anticipation of a birth in the family.  This anticipation calls for celebration, excitement and preparations.

During December we see the greeting cards, the Christmas lights going up, the shoppers, the baking and the music of the season. All in preparation for Christmas Day.

 The season of Advent helps us to focus on the true meaning of Christmas.  Yes, we get caught up in all the frills, yet we know that Advent implies a silent waiting.  We wait patiently, wait with others, wait with open arms, wait in awe for a new life that will bring new hope and new joy for the world. 

 Advent is a time to prepare our own heart as a welcoming place for this baby, the Christ Child. Winter is that time of year, not only to see the barrenness of nature around us, but to open our eyes to all the possibilities before us in hope of something more and something better.  We can make our hearts a place of welcoming, a place of peace.  That is what our world needs most what each of us would want for ourselves, our family and friends.  Prepare the way by preparing the heart for peace.  After all, we are waiting for the Prince of Peace.